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WEBSLIDE CLIP (WSC 350 & WSC 550)Clip Shop Solutions

Webslide Clip (WSC 350 & WSC 550)

wsc clip diagramUsed with exterior curtain wall studs, specifically in by-pass applications.

• Accommodates standoff situations where required.
• Allows up to 2.5" of vertical movement (1.25" in each direction).
• Available in two sizes with two slots to accommodate 3 5/8" and 4" studs or three slots to accommodate 6" and 8" studs.
• Designed with pre-punched holes to ensure correct fastening locations.

The WSC 350 or WSC 550 Deflection Clip can be attached to the structure using power actuated fasteners (PAF), screws, concrete anchors or by welding, dependent upon the base material of the structure and as specified by the engineer of record and as outlined on the engineered shop drawings. When stand-off bridging is required, an additional steel stud should be used to bridge the distance.

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