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How BMP Products Help Qualify for LEED Credits

Recycled Content (Credit 4.1)

Bailey Metal Products Limited manufactures construction materials using roll form processes that require steel coil. The majority of steel coil supplied to Bailey Metal Products is supplied from steel mills that utilize Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking technology.  This means that BMP products contain a high percentage of recycled steel comprised of post-consumer, pre-consumer and home scrap recycled content.

Regional Material (Credit 5.1)

Bailey Metal Products utilizes steel coils that are sourced from local steel mills.  The scrap that is used in the EAF steelmaking process is generally located near the steel mills in large scrap yards.  Since Bailey Metal Products has manufacturing facilities and material sources located across Canada the environmental impacts resulting from transportation can be greatly reduced; thus satisfying the Regional Materials Credit.

BMP steel components may also contribute to other LEED credits.  Please contact a Bailey Technical Representative in your region for more information or refer to our Sustainability section.



Bailey Metal Products Limited is committed to supplying quality products that are environmentally responsible. We are continually working to develop greener building practices. Bailey lightweight steel framing also helps achieve credits that contribute to LEED certification.

To request a Bailey Metal Products Limited LEED Certification Letter please fill out the required information below and a Bailey Technical Representative will send you a letter based on your project.

Contact Bailey metal Products Limited at (800) 668 2154 or email for any questions about LEED credits.

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