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Backer Bar

The Bailey Backer Bar was specifically designed to meet the demand for the attachment of multiple items and heavier items to interior partitions.

Typical Applications

• Wall-Mounted Televisions
• Hospital Handrails
• Towel and Shower Bars
• Cabinets and Shelves

Features and Benefits

• Exceeds the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) load requirements for grab bars
• Offers approximately twice the load capacity of traditional plywood backing systems
• Ultimate load capacity of over 1100 lbs., with or without gypsum board
• Installs quickly and easily
• Available in 12", 16" and 24" spacing
• For use on non-loadbearing or loadbearing studs

Performance Test Results

The performance of the new Backer Bar was tested* against 20 gauge flat strap, site cut 3/4" plywood, and proprietary plywood backing systems. In every case, the Bailey Backer Bar demonstrated superior performance, and exceeded NBCC design criterion for grab bars.

*Tested in accordance with CSA S136-12 and NBCC sections,, and