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Adjustable Side Mount Brick Connector

  • Bailey Metal Products Limited has developed a versatile side mount brick connector system. The new side mount system consists of a stainless steel tie plate, plastic thermal break/positioning tab, and a stainless steel v-wire. Performance tested, the Bailey Adjustable Side Mount Brick Connector meets or exceeds all relevant building codes and standards.

  • Engineered to CSA A370 and ASTM A666, ASTM A580
  • For severe environments, as identified by the masonry requirements of CSA A370, Bailey ESS       connectors provide the ultimate durability.
  • ESS connectors are manufactured from 50 ksi minimum yield strength steel • Adjustable brick tie accommodates a wide range of sheathing thicknesses (0.5", 1", 1.5", 2") & (2.5", 3", 3.5", 4")
  • Plastic positioning tab ensures proper installation providing perfect horizontal alignment (misalignment will reduce performance significantly)
  • The positioning tabs also control the depth position in the cavity space and prevents any interference with the brick application
  • The tab provides protection against thermal transfer
  • And, provides protection against dissimilar metals
  • In tests, the new Bailey Side Mount Brick Connector limits any free play to significantly below the CSA standard of up to 1.2mm